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Ampe kìm đo dòng điện Tasco TA451FK

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Ampe kìm đo dòng điện Tasco TA451FK

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Ampe kìm đo dòng điện Tasco TA451FK

The adoption of the flexible and lightweight flexible sensor.
●It is measurable to maximum AC3000A (true practice level).
●The white backlight adoption that it is easy to see in a dark place.
<< specifications >>
●An interchange electric current: Range 30.00/300.0/3000A accuracy ± 3%rdg ± 5dgt (45-500Hz) (by the sensor center measurement)
●Measured conductor diameter: Maximum φ 150mm
●A use temperature range: 0-50 degrees Celsius less than 80% (thing without the dew condensation)
●A preservation humidity range: -10 - +60 degree Celsius less than 70% (thing without the dew condensation)
●A use battery: Single 4 form dry cell R03/LR03(1.5V) *2
●Outer diameter dimensions (W X H X L): Body section 70*26*120mm
●Sensor cable diameter: About φ 8.5mm
●Cord length: One approximately 1.8m sensor type
●Mass: Approximately 300 g (電池含)

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