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Bộ ghi nhiệt độ Lascar EL-USB-5+ Lascar

Mã sản phẩm: EL-USB-5+
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Hãng SX: Lascar
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This standalone data logger can record over 1,000,000 events, state changes and count events. Fast logging rates allow event capturing at speeds of up to four times per second and state changes at speeds of up to two times per second. Event counting can operate at speeds of up to 100 times per second (when the LED's are turned off).

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Functions as an event, state change and event counter data logger
Over 1 million readings
Log up to 2 state changes/second or 4 events/second
Volt free contacts option (normally open contact only)
Rising and falling edge triggering
Connection via two screw terminals
Status indication via red and green LEDs
EasyLog software available as free download

Lascar EL-USB-5+ Specifications
Maximum Event/State Change Frequency 2Hz
Minimum time in State 100ms
Resolution Event /State Mode 100ms*
Maximum Count/Count Per Frequency 100Hz**
Input Voltage 3 to 28V d.c.
Operating Temperature Range -35 to +80°C (-31 to +176°F)
Battery Life 1 Year*
No. of Readings 1,007,616
Dimensions 98 x 26.8 x 26.8 mm

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