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Bơm hút chân không 2 cấp Tasco TA150YB

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Bơm hút chân không 2 cấp Tasco TA150YB

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Bơm hút chân không 2 cấp Tasco TA150YB

<< specifications >>
●A rotor method: Two stage type
●A drive method: Direct type
●An exhaust velocity: 120L/min (60Hz) 102L/min (50Hz)
●An arrival vacuum degree: 7.5 X 10-3Torr (7.5 microns)
●Motor number of revolutions: 1720r.p.m (60Hz), 1440r.p.m (50Hz)
●A power supply, a motor: 100V (50Hz/60Hz), 300W
●Quantity of oil enclosure: 450cc
●Inhalational port diameter: 5/16 "flare male
●Size / mass: H238 X W212 X D338mm/12 .2 kg
●Accessories: High efficiency oil 450cc *1, conversion adapter 5/16 "female X 1/4" male
<< features >>
●Because it was equipped with two steps of filters inside, there are few balloons of the oil mist, and even use in the small room can work outside without minding an oil mist at all.
●Because I gave the processing precision of the rotor part more than conventional products, I can maintain high vacuum performance of 7.5 microns for a long term.
●With a stable shape, an oil leak by the toppling over almost disappeared.

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