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Cân điện tử đa chức năng Tasco TA101KA

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Cân điện tử đa chức năng Tasco TA101KA

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Cân điện tử đa chức năng Tasco TA101KA

<< specifications >>
●Resolving power / filling precision: 2 g, 5 g, 10 g (reshuffling type)
●Quantity of hail: 100 kg
●A power supply: Four 4 single alkali dry cell
●A use temperature range: 5-40 degrees Celsius
●載台寸法 / weight: .2.4 kg of 263*263*47mm
●Accessories: Soft storage case
<< features >>
●A resolving power reshuffling type: I can change indication resolving power with 2.5.10 g. When I am going to fill it and I change it in total and use it when much time has little quantity, it becomes easy to read a number.
●An alarm function is with it: When I reached the number, I tell a worker that I am going to fill it beforehand and I input and set quantity with a buzzer.
●An automatic battery function: As it is cut off without a digital change automatically for 30 minutes, I put it out, and we do not have to worry about the lapse of memory.

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