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Điện trở chuẩn PRECISION RESISTANCE STANDARD 3000HR Transmille

Mã sản phẩm: 3000HR
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Hãng SX: Transmile
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The 3000HR provides a traceable source for high voltage resistance, consisting of a buildup box of 1 GOhm and 10 Gohm resistors, allowing a buildup to 100 Gohm.
High value resistance standards are required by many laboratories for calibration of modern multimeters with extended resistance ranges but are costly and difficult to maintain confidence.

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With the 3000HR, with comparison to a 1 GOhm standard, values of up to 100 GOhm can be generated.

To assist with automating the calibration of sensitive electrometers, an RS232 interface is provided to switch decade values from 1 MOhm through to 100 GOhm, suitable for resistance calibration and low current sourcing

Electrometer currents to 10nA
REsistance from 1 Mohm to 100 Gohm
Traceable to 1 GOhm standard

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