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Dissolved Hydrogen meter ENH-1000 Trustlex

Mã sản phẩm: ENH-1000
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Hãng SX: Trustlex
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Máy đo nồng độ Hydro hòa tan Trustlex ENH-1000

Model: ENH-1000 Hãng: Trustlex

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Máy đo nồng độ Hydro hòa tan Trustlex ENH-1000

This is our originally developed electrode and it detects ORP/Oxidation Reduction Potential=Redox in the solution. It converts into dissolved hydrogen density automatically so it is so much easier to measure hydrogen water!

Electrode of ENH-1000 is developed originally for detecting dissolved hydrogen.
Sensor tip part might need to clean every time you use in order to measure accurate. 
It can be replaced easily when the sensor won't work. You can only buy electrode.

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