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Enjoy the generation ceramic Dr.Homes Sheet Trustlex

Mã sản phẩm: Dr.Homes Sheet
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Hãng SX: Trustlex
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Enjoy the generation ceramic
Model: Dr.Homes Sheet
Hãng: Trustlex

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Free radical (active oxygen) that may lead to all kinds of diseases is generated in the body and bound together with other substances to oxidize the body. The negative ion emitted from Dr. HORMES SHEET binds together with the unstable free radical that is charging positively to render it harmless.

A wavelength of 8 – 12 microns is called “growing light beam ”that may excite the cells the most. The growing light beam is indispensable for metabolism, growth, and nurturing of bodywork, thus it is very important wavelength. Dr. HORMES SHEET emits the growing light beam constantly to energize mitochondria that produce energy in the cells, to warm the body from within to promote the circulation of blood, and enhance metabolism.

The benefit derived from being exposed to low-dose radiation is called “radiation hormesis”. The low-dose radiation energizes electron activities causing to enhance molecular chemical reactions, including life DNA repair, functions of parasympathetic nerve, immune system activities, and functions of hormonal system, as well as anti-aging actions, which would conduce vitalization of life. Among those treatment sites that exist all over the world, Tamagawa Onsen and Misasa Onsen are famous in Japan, as well as Bad Gastein Heilstollen in Austria is well known as an overseas locations. There have been various study reports on the benefits of hormesis.

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