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Hydrogen Water & Inhaling Torasano Trustlex

Mã sản phẩm: Torasano
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Hãng SX: Trustlex
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Hydrogen Water & Inhaling
Model: Torasano
Hãng: Trustlex

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The latest method “PEM” (Proton /Polymer Exchange Membrane) 
The PEM(Proton/Polymer Exchange Membrane) method generates high purity hydrogen with the latest technology among current hydrogen generation methods. In the conventional electrolysis method, oxygen is also present at the same time as hydrogen and hydrogen concentration is not stable. Ozone is generated as well but PEM method does not.
■ No bad smell and anti-bacteria effect.

There is an exhaust slot which discharges the oxygen generated at the time of hydrogen generation in TORASANO. Also the titanium platinum coated plate with high anti bactericidal properties is used for the electrode plate. Since it is designed so that substances may be hard to adhere to it, care and maintenance is easy.

■ Available in 3 languages.

Torasano will let you know when it starts to make hydrogen and when it finishes. Japanese, Chinese and English are available.

■ Make hydrogen water using a plastic bottle.

By removing the main body of Torasano and attaching the plastic bottle adapter, hydrogen water can be generated.

■ Enjoy LED light while it generating.

While hydrogen is being generate,the inside of the bottle is illuminated.

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