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Máy đo áp suất chân không Tasco TA142E

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Máy đo áp suất chân không Tasco TA142E

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Máy đo áp suất chân không Tasco TA142E

<< specifications >>
●Sensor Thermocouple-type pressure sensor
●A connection diameter: 1/4 flare female
●The measurement range: 20.000-1 microns
●An indication reshuffling possibility unit: micron (micron), Torr (Thor), mTorr (millimeters Thor), mBar (millibar), Pa (Pascal)
●Precision: Atmosphere - 1,000 microns: ±5% of instructions levels,
●1000-100 microns: ±3% of instructions levels
●100-1 microns: ±1.5% of instructions levels
●A power supply: 9V(006P) battery
●A use temperature range: 0 degrees Celsius - 40 degrees Celsius
●Battery life: 15 hours
●Reaction correspondence (sampling): Four times/s
●A function: Auto-off (10min), setting vacuum level arrival indication lamp
●The cable head: Up to 150cm (winding cord)
●Dimensions, weight: (the body) 165 (H) *85 (W) *38 (D)mm .44 g
●Attached parts: Exclusive case, battery 006P *1
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