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Máy đo áp suất chân không TPI 665L

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Máy đo áp suất chân không TPI 665L

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Máy đo áp suất chân không TPI 665L

Digital manometer, Dual input, 7 selectable units of measure, 1/4NPT fittings, data logging. L Version suitable for non-corrosive liquids and gases

  • Differential input with +/-100psi range.
  • Can be used in non-corrosive liquid applications
  • Seven units of measure (bar, kPa, PSI, mmHg, inHg, mH2O, inH2O).
  • Data Logging - Record test data with time stamp and display with optional software.
  • PC Communication: IR to USB Interface and PC Application software (optional p/n A665)
  • Printing - Print test results directly to the optional A740 IR printer
  • Display - 5 digit dual line with backlight
  • Data Storage - Save up to 16 readings.
  • Min / Max - Records Min/Max readings
  • Auto Off -   Conserve batteries.

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