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Mã sản phẩm: CRIT 100
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Model: CRIT 100
Hãng: AOIP

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The accumulation of static electricity by an operator may lead to a degradation of quality of the products used or to a malfunction of some parts of the equipment. In some cases, static electricity may also be dangerous to the operator’s safety or to his environment.

These risks may be prevented by using conductive equipment which carries electrostatic charges to the ground, thus preventing any accumulation. Operators generally wear conductive shoes, and floors are either built in constructive material or covered with conductive cloth. Other devices, positioned at the operator’s ankles or arms are also frequently used.

The main function of the CRIT 100 is to quickly check the electrical charge, insulation resistance between the operator and the floor. It can also test equipment and accessories used to protect against electrostatics hazards.

The CRIT 100 is very easy to use for all employees of a research / production site.

The test results are given through lights, digital indicator and buzzer, which can be programmed by the user. 4 thresholds are available: SNPE, AFNOR, DIN or ISO modes.

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