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Mã sản phẩm: EFM 023
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Hãng SX: Kleinwaechter
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Due to its compact design and "one-button" operation, the EFM 023 electro-magnetic fieldmeter is very user-friendly. The antistatic plastic housing is EPA compatible. The EFM 023 has very useful technical features, which do not have comparable measuring devices. It includes ALL the functions of the EFM 022 also has an analog output ± 1V. This is connected in the manual E-field meter ranges.

Menu-controlled measuring distance
preselection Voltage potentials on the measuring object can be determined directly by preselection of the measuring distance, which eliminates complex conversions. 5 measuring distances are available, which allow an optimal handling of the device even in problematic areas of detection.

Hold function
The measured value can be frozen in the display, which means that it is also possible to measure accurately in places that are difficult to access.

Very high zero point stability
This eliminates the zero point calibration required for other systems before each measurement.

Measuring ranges:

Distance 1cm: 0 to 10 kV
Distance 2cm: 0 to 20 kV
Distance 5cm: 0 to 50kV
Distance 10cm: 0 to 100 kV
Distance 20cm: 0 to 200 kV
E-field metering ranges:
Manually Switchable
± 20 kV / m; ± 200 kV / m and ± 1MV / m
!! With this function, the analog voltage output is switched on ± 1V !!
Max. Value:
Range 1cm is switched on (for MK 023)
After pressing the button, the maximum pos. And negative measured values ​​are displayed (tracked test). Pressing it again will clear the Max. Values ​​and it will start again.
Technical specifications:
Dimensions: 122mm x 70mm x 26mm (L x W x H)
Mass: Approx. 130 g (without battery)
Power supply: 9V NiMH rechargeable battery IEC 6F22

2-line alphanumeric LCD display with 12 digits each 
In the upper line, the selected measuring distance is displayed in cm, 
in the lower the measured charge in volts.

 ± 1V (Ri> 1kOhm) is proportional to the measured field strength

(Only activated in "E-field measurement" mode)

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