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Mã sản phẩm: EFM 122
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Hãng SX: Kleinwaechter
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The electric field meter EFM 122 is a device with which you can measure the potential in volts directly as a measure of the charge over the adjustable distance (distance between measuring object and measuring electrode). The localization and measurement of electrostatic charges and fields of both polarities can thus be carried out.You can choose the distance between 1 cm, 2 cm, 5 cm, 10 cm and 20 cm. The built-in microprocessor automatically converts the measured field strength into the charge of an equivalent potential in volts over the set measuring distance. Here, from 1000 V, the kV display is switched over. The handy design with a separate measuring electrode and the temporary storage of measured values ​​also allow measuring in places,

EFM 122 in the caseThe device is installed in an antistatic plastic housing with a foil front plate and a separate metal measuring head. The Influence measuring electrode is installed star-shaped in the front in the measuring head. 
At a small distance in front of this, a modulating vane wheel of the same star shape rotates to ground. A ring electrode system surrounding the inflow electrode serves for mechanical protection.

The electric field meter is a parametric amplifier. The charges which are influenced by the electric field produce an alternating current proportional to the field strength. This is measured by means of a selective amplifier without energy being removed from the electrical field by the time average. 
No radioactive substances are used.

Please note: The EFM 122 has only one serial interface with a simple DOS software. If you want to operate the device on a PC, we recommend one of our devices with ± 1V interface to the UAC 110 with KL_ReadOut software!

Technical specifications:

Handheld: 70mm x 122mm x 26mm (wxlxh) 
Measuring head: Ø 36mm x 136mm
Mass: Handheld device 130 g (without battery), measuring head 190 g
Power supply:
9V NiMH battery with plug-in charger DC 12 V 
Measuring ranges:

Distance 1 cm: 0 ..... 10 kV max. Resolution 1 V 
Distance 2 cm: 0 ..... 20 kV max. Resolution 2 V 
Distance 5 cm: 0 ..... 50 kV max. Resolution 10 V 
Distance 10 cm: 0 ... 100 kV Max. Resolution 10 V 
Distance 20 cm: 0 ... 200 kV Max. Resolution 20 V
Display: Two-line alphanumeric LCD display with 12 digits each
Operating time: Approx. 2 hrs. In permanent acacia operation
In the homogeneous field of a plate capacitor, plate size 100 mm x 100 mm, plate distance 20 mm, modulator system centered in the ground plate

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