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Máy đo độ cứng Brinell PHB-200 Tianxing

Mã sản phẩm: PHB-200
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Hãng SX: Tianxing
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With the magnetic chucks, fix the PHB-200 Digital Brinell Hardness Tester on the specimen surface and finish testing. It is completely based on the Brinell test principle, and the test method complies with GB/T231.2, ASTM E10, ISO6506.2.

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Being used together with the Brinell Indentation Measurement System, it can be applied to quick and precise test of specimen’s Brinell hardness on site. 
Applied to steel parts that too large or too heavy for table tester to test. 
Applied to testing heat treatment parts such as steel plate, pipe, mould with available testing surface.
Applied to testing the hardness of weld joint on boilers, pressure vessels and pressure pipes.
The PHB-200 tester could replace the Leeb hardness tester which is in low accuracy and reliability.

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