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Máy đo độ ồn Tasco TA415CD

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Máy đo độ ồn Tasco TA415CD

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Máy đo độ ồn Tasco TA415CD

<< specifications >>
●A frequency range: 20Hz - 8KHz
●The measurement range: 30 - 130dB
●Frequency revision properties: A or C properties
●A microphone: 1/2 inch electret condenser microphone
●Liquid crystal display: Four columns of resolving power: 0.1dB display update: 0.5 seconds
●An analog meter: 30 memory resolving power: 2dB display update: 0.05 seconds
●Characteristic motion: FAST or SLOW
●Range of measurement: LOW: 30 - 90dB MID: 50 - 110dB HI: 70 - 130dB
●Precision: ± 1.4dB
●Dynamic range: 60dB
●A warning function: OVER: UNDER which exceeds range of measurement: I am less than range of measurement
●A power supply: *4 1.5V size AAA battery
●Battery life: Approximately 24 hours (alkaline cell)
●Use environment: Temperature: 0 - +40 degree Celsius humidity: 10-90% RH altitude: Less than 2,000m
●Storage environment: Temperature: ー 10 - +60 degree Celsius humidity: 10-75% RH
●Dimensions / mass: 264 X 63 X 29mm/ approximately 250 g (I include a battery)
●Accessories: Shelter belt, instruction manual, case, USB cable, software

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