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Máy đo độ rung hãng ACEPOM ACEPOM310

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Máy đo độ rung hãng ACEPOM ACEPOM310

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Máy đo độ rung hãng ACEPOM ACEPOM310

Functions anf features:

1. Displacement, velocity and acceleration can be measured.

2. Choose the vibration characteristics of different frequencies.

3. Using high sensitivity probe, the test accuracy is high.

4. It is equipped with two kinds of probes, long and short, which are suitable for measuring in different places.

5. The structure is simple and compact, easy to carry and use.

Technical Datas:

Measurement range: (acceleration) 0.1-200 m/s

(Speed) 0.1-200 mm/s RMS

(Displacement) 0.001-2.0mm P-P

Measurement error: +5%+2 digits

Measurement Frequency: (Acceleration) 10Hz~1KHz (LO)

(Acceleration) 1KHz~15KHz (HI)

(Velocity/displacement) 10Hz~1KHz

Data output: AC output 2V peak, load

Measurement mode: acceleration/velocity/displacement

Data replacement cycle: 1s

Low power display:

Automatic shutdown:

Battery life: continuous use for 25 hours

Power supply: 9V alkaline square battery

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