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Máy đo độ rung hãng ACEPOM LD1083

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Máy đo độ rung hãng ACEPOM LD1083
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Máy đo độ rung hãng ACEPOM LD1083

LD1083 handheld vibrometer manufacturer direct sale portable vibrometer special price [technical indicators]

Sensor: Integral ring shear acceleration sensor; split charge amplifier built-in shear acceleration sensor

Measurement range: acceleration 0.1-199.9m/s 2 (single peak) (5 or 10-1KHz; 1K-15KHz)

Speed 0.1-199.9mm/s (RMS) (5 or 10-1KHz)

Displacement 0.001-1.999 mm (peak and peak) 5 or 10-1KHz

Temperature ranges from 0 ~400.

Measurement accuracy: vibration 5%+2 words; temperature 1%+1 word

Display mode: three semi-liquid crystal digital display

Maintaining characteristics: automatic maintenance of measured values, automatic shutdown of delay

Signal output: AC 2V peak (full range and load greater than 10K ohm)

Power supply: 9V stacked battery 1 section, can be used continuously for 25 hours

Volume: 185mm x 68mm x 30mm

Weight: 270g

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