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Máy đo khí Tasco TA470JD

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Máy đo khí Tasco TA470JD

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Máy đo khí Tasco TA470JD

<< specifications >>
●Detective gas: Carbon dioxide
●Range of measurement: 0-100 ppm
●Resolving power: 1 ppm
●A detective principle: ガルバニ battery (oxygen) / 定電位電解方式 (poisonous gas)
●A detective method: Diffusion type
●A warning: 80dB electron buzzer, red LED, vibrator
●A use temperature range: -10 degrees Celsius - +45 degree Celsius
●A use humidity range: 0 - 99%RH (oxygen) /15 - 90%RH (poisonous gas)
●Power supply / drive time: CR2 lithium battery / continuation 8,800 hours (at the time of no warning)
●Outer diameter dimensions (W X H X D): 51*105*30mm
●Mass: 91 g (poisonous gas) of 101 g (oxygen)
<< features >>
●The sensor life is two years.
●Microminiature super light weight.
●High brightness, red LED.
●Large-scale LCD indication.
●With backlight function.

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