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Máy đo tĩnh điện PGT 50 Kleinwaechter

Mã sản phẩm: PGT 50
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Hãng SX: Kleinwaechter
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The PGT50 provides a permanent grounding supervision of persons with wrist straps. The device is mounted at the working space. The grounding takes place at the grounding point of the conductive table surface. The power supply is a mains adapter. The tresholds can be adjusted by the customer easily to his needs. The calibration can be done by the customer in a easy and budget way in the mandatory intervals.

ABS plastic housing with connection ability for a wrist strap with 10mm pushbutton. A permanent grounding supervision takes place, meaning the unit recognizes if a wrist strap is worn. 

The display consists of two LEDs, that can display the following states:

no wrist  strap connected / device ready
wrist strap connected / grounding between tresholds
wrist strap connected / resistance too small 
wrist strap connected / resistace too high or wrist strap not worn correctly
Integrated buzzer provides extra audio warning parallel to the red LED.

Easy setup
The device is mounted with the equipped power strips at the wrking space and connected with a grounding cable to the grounding point of the table surface.
After the plugging the mains adapter the device is in ready state. The green LED flashes with 0,5Hz and no measurings are made.
The PGT50 recognizes when a wrist strap is connected and starts the supervision. 

Dimensions: 96mm x 60mm x 23mm  (L x W x H)
Weight: approx. 150g 
Power supply: Mains adapter 7,5V= / 150mA
Display: 2 LEDs (red, green), buzzer 
Measuring priciple:
Frequency measuring over RC element

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