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Máy đo tĩnh điện PMS 300 Kleinwaechter

Mã sản phẩm: PMS 300
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Hãng SX: Kleinwaechter
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The PMS 300 work station monitor is suited for the permanent supervision of a ESD protected working space. It has the following properties:

Wrist strap
The correct wearing and the function of up to two devided wrist straps can be checked.

Desk pads
The conductivity of the desk pad can be tested.

Audio warning
Audio warning over the disengageable buzzer.

PMS 300 am ArbeitsplatzStatus display
The oparating status of the device and the test results are displayed with LEDs in different colors.

Several operation modes
The device can be driven in different operation modes. E.g. the desk pad check can be disengaged.

Thanks to different adapters the PMS 300 is compatible to all established types of wrist straps.


  Aluminium housing 113mm x 30mm x 105mm (W x L x D)
Weight: approx. 100g
Power supply: Mains adapterPW-75-150 7,5V 150mA
Display 6 LEDs, buzzer
Measuring principle: Resistance measurement
Connectors: oon the backside over several plugs
Tresholds: adjustable over reference resistors

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