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Máy gia nhiệt vòng bi hãng ACEPOM ZMH-100

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Máy gia nhiệt vòng bi hãng ACEPOM ZMH-100
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Máy gia nhiệt vòng bi hãng ACEPOM ZMH-100

Product Feature
* Manual/automatic demagnetization * Time display switch on temperature mode. * Induction coil outside the heater’s housing allows shorter heating time and lower energy consumption * Easy-to-operate control panel and LCD display * Equipped with suitable portable case

Product Specification/Models
Voltage/Current : 230V/10A

Power Rating: 2.50kVA

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Min. bore diameter of work piece (Vertical / Horizontal ): 15mm/60mm

Max.O.D of work piece:220mm

Max. width of Work Piece (Vertical/ Horizontal): 65mm/ 95mm

Max. weight of bearing/ Other parts: 12Kg / 9Kg

Max. temperature (approx): 150°C

Figure dimension(mm): 240*200*235mm

Mass heater body (incl. Yokes): 15Kg

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