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Máy gia nhiệt vòng bi hãng ACEPOM ZMH-50

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Máy gia nhiệt vòng bi hãng ACEPOM ZMH-50
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Máy gia nhiệt vòng bi hãng ACEPOM ZMH-50

ZMH60 High Performance Heater Plate,suitable for heating Mini Bearing and abnormal workpieces. It is widely applied in the heating design, manufacture installation, repair service and various kinds of circumstances. Integration design, safe, reliable and easy to operate. Fast temperature setting, sound signal, temperature display, overheat protection, automatic keeping warm.

Product Specification/Models
Voltage: 230V

Power Rating:1300W

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Temperature control: 60-250 C°

Control precision: ± 3 C°

The fluctuant temperature of panel: ± 7 C°

Panel dimension: 390*190mm

Figure dimension:400*220*145mm

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