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Máy kiểm tra tình trạng vòng bi hãng ACEPOM ACEPOM333

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Máy kiểm tra tình trạng vòng bi hãng ACEPOM ACEPOM333
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Máy kiểm tra tình trạng vòng bi hãng ACEPOM ACEPOM333

trument, portable package, vibration sensor and sensor mounted magnetic mount.The bearing detector ACEPOM333 measures the effective value of vibration velocity (mm/s RMS) with the frequency range of 2Hz to the maximum frequency of 15_20khz (the instrument can measure up to 40kHz, the limiting factor depends on the sensor).This range includes the frequency at which major machine faults and defects occur most frequently, such as imbalances, looseness, resonance, shaft or gear misalignment, cavitation, and other fluid vibrations.

The measured alarm is supported by several vibration standards. A careful comparison of the vibration level with the actual wear condition of the machine will establish your empirical knowledge that can be used to determine maintenance requirements as the vibration increases.Iso10816-3, which has been used around the world for decades and has been updated, is the most commonly used vibration judgment standard, and is very suitable for machines in continuous operation for a long time.       

The instrument also measures the bearing status BC value, which represents the effective value of vibration acceleration in the frequency range of 0.5-16kHz.When the bearing vibration noise increases, the lubrication is poor, the surface is worn, or because of the wrong overload, will cause the BC value to increase.Since gear meshing and fluid cavitation will also produce high-frequency vibration, when the high BC indicating value is measured, it is necessary to analyze the specific equipment to determine the cause of the problem.

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