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Máy kiểm tra vòng bi hãng ACEPOM ACEPOM330

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Máy kiểm tra vòng bi hãng ACEPOM ACEPOM330
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Máy kiểm tra vòng bi hãng ACEPOM ACEPOM330

ACEPOM330 intelligent bearing tester:

Unique diagnostic tool in the market;

Simple green, yellow, red, intelligent evaluation of the bearing state, simple and easy to use;

Test fast, reliable data;

No professional training, easy to use;

Low price, high cost performance;

It has the function of non-contact infrared temperature measurement and impulse test;

With high performance sound insulation earphone, can bear the different sound;

Can be stored to facilitate on-site recording.

Application scope:

Field workers of various industrial and mining enterprises;

Workshop equipment inspection personnel, inspection station inspection staff;

The equipment management personnel familiar or unfamiliar state detection technology

Technical parameters:

The function: measurement, temperature measurement of shock pulse

The shock pulse method: dBm/dBc

The number of shows like: 64x28, monochromatic, backlight

The storage: 10 readings can be stored in dBm/dBc, dBi, temperature

- weight: 75g

The sensor: external sensor

The temperature range of -20-150 DEG C

The measurement distance: 20mm

To configure:

Include: host, sound insulation headphones, manual, warranty card

Optional configuration: quick impact pulse sensor

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