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Neative Ion Powder MP-01S/02S Trustlex

Mã sản phẩm: MP-01S/02S
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Hãng SX: Trustlex
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Neative Ion Powder
Model: MP-01S/02S
Hãng: Trustlex

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Thông tin sản phẩm

Negative ion ceramic powder produce energy in room temperature, in a state of rest. No need to add any pressure or power to activate. Negative ion ceramic powder ceramics can be applied to fiber, plastic and many other materials. 
Our ion powder adds value to your products.

Eg. Data of the bed sheet that contains Macro power ceramics
(Amount of radiation found in sheet - raditaion found in nature) × hrs of sleep × Days ÷ 1000
= (0.13μSv - 0.03μSv) × 8hrs × 365Days ÷ 1000
= 0.292mSv
Cf. Regulation by the government: 1mSv per year.
4mSv of radiation is consumed for stomach checkup.
0.4mS radiated by the earth per year.

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