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Personal Ion Generator IONION MX Trustlex

Mã sản phẩm: IONION MX
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Hãng SX: Trustlex
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Personal Ion Generator
Hãng: Trustlex

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High effectiveness of IONION MX as a fast-acting remedy for hay fever, from which I suffered for a long time. I recommend IONION MX to all my patients as well as our staff at my clinic.

This unique feature is provided on the back of IONION . Small mesh window:

The ion power net is a patented technology that amplifies the amount of ion emission and wraps an ion barrier around you by infusing your body with negatively chargedions when you wear IONION LX. This technology drastically improves the effect when you wear IONION LX.

 Functions of ion barrier
1) The ion barrier makes it possible for airborne substances within breathing range to become negatively charged more easily. Since negatively charged airborne substances become heavier and drop to the ground, they are no longer inhaled through the nostrils like before.

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