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Single Point Level Sensor MWS-ST/SR-2 Wadeco

Mã sản phẩm: MWS-ST/SR-2
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Hãng SX: Wadeco
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Cảm biến báo mức MWS-ST/SR-2 Wadeco

Model: MWS-ST/SR-2 Hãng: Wadeco

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Cảm biến báo mức MWS-ST/SR-2 Wadeco

MWS-ST/SR-2 type microwave sensor is a level switch which consists of a transmitter and a receiver, installed face to face. It comes with four channels to allow for installation of multiple sets in close proximity. 

The transmitter transmits microwaves toward the receiver and an output relay in the receiver is released when the beam is obstructed. 
Harsh environments may result in the buildup of contaminants on the sensing surfaces, however, the sensor easily penetrates this buildup, thanks to the high penetrability of microwaves.

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