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Súng đo nhiệt độ từ xa Tasco TA410S

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Súng đo nhiệt độ từ xa Tasco TA410S

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Súng đo nhiệt độ từ xa Tasco TA410S

●A measurement wavelength: 8-14μm
●A measurement temperature range: -50-500 degrees Celsius
●Indication resolving power: 0.0-199.9 degrees Celsius /0 .1 degrees Celsius, other range /1 ℃
●Reply speed: Within 0.8sec. (95% reply)
●Emittance setting: 0.10-1.00 (0.01 step)
●An aim: LED spot marker
●A use temperature-humidity range: Temperature 0-50 degrees Celsius, humidity 35-85 degrees Celsius (do not condense dew)
●A power supply: Four single dry cell x4 book
●External form dimensions / mass: L170xW40xH36mm/140g (I include a battery)
●Standard accessories: Single four dry cell x4, instruction manual, carrying case
<< features >>
●The slight mask of a young woman measurement of φ 2.5mm including the IC base.
●The small object measurement at the hand.
●LED orders a measurement part exactly. The handy type spot measurement radiation thermometer is Taxco's original product.

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