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Thiết bị kiểm tra động cơ hãng ACEPOM ACEPOM353

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Thiết bị kiểm tra động cơ hãng ACEPOM ACEPOM353

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Thiết bị kiểm tra động cơ hãng ACEPOM ACEPOM353

The significant improvement of equipment profitability comes from the latest release of the motor state data collection and intelligent analysis system ACEPOM353 at the end of 2014

Main features:

Wide application: can analyze all stator and rotor states of motors, transformers and generators of all types and sizes, including induction, synchronization, servo, ac, dc motors, etc.

High sensitivity: the ability to detect faults in the initial stages before the motor fails, including aging or contamination of the insulation layer, and "deep" winding barriers.

Quick action: the test only takes a few minutes.The automatic diagnostic function in the analyzer will provide instant motor health status report.

Easy to use: can be tested from the motor control center or more than 1000 feet away - ideal for motors in inaccessible locations.

Simple operation: menu driven design with on-screen prompt.

Comprehensive functions: professional software to achieve fault diagnosis, and can provide a variety of trend data.

Lightweight, portable: the ACEPOM353 is battery-powered and handheld, weighing less than 21bs.The ACEPOM353 can be used by a single person to easily test motors of various sizes without the need for trolleys or auxiliary equipment.

Advanced motor state data acquisition and intelligent analysis system features software:

Benchmarking (TVS)

The initial benchmark used static test values (TVS).The test results are stored in ACEPOM353, and subsequent test results can be immediately retrieved from the analyzer, and any developing problems or rotor and stator changes can be identified at a glance.The above operations do not require software access.

Automatic test

The automated test mode is suitable for most tests.Follow the prompts on the screen to complete the test without referring to the user manual.In just a few minutes, anyone can learn how to do it!

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