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Thiết bị nghe phát hiện rò rỉ bằng siêu âm hãng ACEPOM ACEPOM362

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Thiết bị nghe phát hiện rò rỉ bằng siêu âm hãng ACEPOM ACEPOM362

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Thiết bị nghe phát hiện rò rỉ bằng siêu âm hãng ACEPOM ACEPOM362


The ACEPOM362 ultrasonic detection system can connect and automatically identify different sensors, and simultaneously detect a variety of process parameters such as temperature, flow rate and rotation speed of the equipment, which means that fewer buttons are pressed and higher work efficiency is achieved.

The acep m 362 ultrasonic detection system extends the range of human hearing to...

-More functional

-Easy to use

-One of the most competitive industrial preventive maintenance instruments

Measurement function of ACEPOM362 ultrasonic detection system:

■ Valve leakage, hydraulic system leakage detection
■ Pump cavitation detection, air compressor internal leakage detection
■ Detection of trap failure
■Compressed air leakage detection, boiler, heat exchanger and condenser leakage detection
■Boiler fail-safe door search
■ Wind noise and water leakage detection
■Bureau inspection of electrical equipment: GIS switch drive mechanism fault search, insulator pollution flasm and internal crack detection, cable joint local discharge detection, GIS/GCB and switch cabinet, power cabinet, communication cabinet internal local discharge fault detection, transformer, bus bushing, CT/PT, capacitor and reactor local discharge detection, SF6 gas leakage detection

■ Standard built-in ultrasonic sensor

■ Built-in infrared temperature sensor

■ Built-in laser positioning

■ An external sensor channel interface to connect additional optional sensors

■Internal memory of 400 node locations to store static measurements

■ Standard USB conntection

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