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Thiết bị siêu âm phát hiện rỏ rỉ SONAPHONE T Sonotec

Mã sản phẩm: SONAPHONE T
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Hãng SX: Sonetec
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Ultrasonic Testing Devices
Hãng: Sonotec

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The SONAPHONE T mobile ultrasonic transmitter is designed for the rapid and reliable detection of seal failures in windows, doors, cabins, vehicles and containers with sealing surfaces or rubber profile seals. In addition to applications in road and rail vehicle construction, the SONAPHONE T is also used in the ship and boat building industry and for testing fire safety doors, climatic chambers and clean rooms. Used in conjunction with an ultrasonic receiver from the SONAPHONE series, the SONAPHONE T enables efficient leak testing at minimal cost. Due to the simple operating principle, use of the device does not require a great deal of costly staff training and therefore minimises post-purchase costs.

The robust ultrasonic transmitter has an integrated LC-display for simple menu navigation. The modulation of the transmission signal guarantees the clear detection of the ultrasound signal, irrespective of potential background noise. Furthermore, the sound intensity of the transmitter is also adjustable. This means that the device is capable of precisely detecting the smallest of leaks as well as large areas of leakage.

Easy handling
Modulation of transmission signal
Adjustable sound intensity
Can be combined with other transmitters

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