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Máy đo điện trở Spotron AMS-1070E

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Máy đo điện trở Spotron AMS-1070E

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Máy đo điện trở Spotron AMS-1070E

ow resistance measuring device (micro-0hm
meter) for checking increase in resistance caused
by degradation of the secondar y cable or
kickless cable of spot welding machine and also
detec ts an abnormalit y caused by such as
insufficient bolting, oxidizing of the contact
sur f ace, etc . High accur ac y is assure d by
employing 4-terminal system and special circuits
designed for micro-ohm. Max.100 condition
memor y for upp er limit resis tance value.
Rechargeable lead-acid battery is built in. It can
record the measurement date by SD card & USB.
Range of OK/NG Judgement
精 度 Accuracy
Condition setting memory
電 源 Power source
使用温度条件 Operating Temp.
寸 法 Dimensions
概算重量 Approx. Weight
付属品 Accessories
抵抗値 Resistance
メモリ Ch Memory Ch
0.003mΩ~ 19.99mΩ
4桁 LED 4-digit LED
2桁 LED 2-digit LED
±0.3% フルスケール または ±1%読み値 ±3digit いずれかの小さい値
±0.3% F.S. or ±1%Rdg ±3digit whichever smaller value
抵抗値上限を最大 100 条件登録
Max.100 condition setting for upper limit resistance value
充電式鉛蓄電池 Rechargeable lead-acid battery
5°C ~ 40°C
158(W) x 190(H) x 65(D) mm
本体 Main Unit: 1.9kg ケース・附属品込み Including Case & Acc.: 3.2kg
ペン型プローブ(2.5m)2本1組 Pen type probe 2.5m x 2 (One pair)
ACアダプタ AC Adaptor (AC100-240V 50/60Hz)
収納ケース Carrying case, ショルダストラップ Shoulder strap,
取扱説明書 Instruction Manual, 試験成績書 Test Certificate

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