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Máy đo lực ép hàn Spotron SP-255

Mã sản phẩm: SP-255 Series
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Hãng SX: Spotron
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Máy đo lực ép hàn Spotron SP-255

Model: SP-255 Series Hãng: Spotron (Nhật Bản)

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Máy đo lực ép hàn Spotron SP-255

- Auto-Zero reset function for easy operation without making zero adjustment.
- Dry batteries (UM-3x2) are used for power source which support easy handling.
- Auto-power off function for saving power consumption.
- Alert of battery replacement is indicated in the display.
- Measuring forces are digitally displayed successively.
- To ensure accuracy, measured value is displayed per every half second based on the average
value of sampling in 64times/sec.
- "HOLD" function allows any measured value to hold on in the display.

- The unit can memorize maximum load during measurement and its value is displayed after measurement.

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thong so SP-255 Series

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