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Modular optical communication system MOCS Teseo

Mã sản phẩm: MOCS
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Hãng SX: Teseo
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Modular optical communication system
Model : MOCS
Hãng : Teseo

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- MOCS is the new modular generation of analog fiber optic based system developed by TESEO for EMC applications. The MOCS system is an innovative development of the AFOM system, which has been unrivalled in the worldwide marketplace for over ten years.
- MOCS has embedded improved modularity, leverages on AFOM accumulated experience and the development of enhanced functionalities and features. Nonetheless several AFOM modules are still MOCS compatible in order to protect customer’s past investment.
- The system overall performance and the design has been improved and optimised in order to have greater features at a cost which is less the AFOM system.
- MOCS is designed to acquire analog signals from, and transmit analog stimulus commands to a DUT located in an electrically hostile environment, such as the typical electromagnetic field encountered in an EMC immunity test, high voltage test areas, or wherever the electrical isolation function offered by a fiber optic cable is required.
- The modular open architecture design offers the capability to address a large number of fiber optic applications, ensuring the necessary flexibility that a laboratory requires.
- OAM and OSM satellites shielded against high E- field levels over a very broad frequency range.
- Data exchanged between satellites and plug-ins over fiber optic cables which have an intrinsic immunity to EM coupling via radiated fields.
- Can mix OAM and OSM plug-ins as well as satellites for maximum system flexibility
- The modular MOCS-MF mainframe can hold up to 12 plug-ins.
- Up to 4 MOCS-MF mainframes can be connected in daisy chain.

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