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Súng đo nhiệt độ từ xa TASHIKA KTL-PRO, KTL-PRO-04

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Súng đo nhiệt độ từ xa TASHIKA KTL-PRO, KTL-PRO-04

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Súng đo nhiệt độ từ xa TASHIKA KTL-PRO, KTL-PRO-04

Temperature range 200~2000°C 300~2000°C 500~3000°C 200~1200°C 700~3000°C 300~1200°C

2-way, 4 digit LED inside the viewfinder and on side panel

Measuring modes

CONT: continuous
PEAK: Max. value display(2 way)
VALLEY: Minimum value display(2 way)
HOLD: Hold

Measurement Accuracy ± 1% (at emissivity =1.00)
Repeatability ± 1°C  (at emissivity = 1.00)
Emissivity setup range 0.10 to 1.00 Digital 2 way
Response time

Sampling time: Adjustable from 0.01 to 1.0 seconds

Sensor InGaAs Si InGaAs Si InGaAs
Spectral response 1.6μm 0.9μm 1.6μm 0.9μm 1.6μm  
Outputs 3 default output: RS 232C/DC 0~10 V/ DC4~20mA Option: Bluetooth
Optical System Model: Coaxial single-lens reflex
Field lens: f=127mm, F=4.2
Focal point adjustable range: 270mm~∞
Measured angle: 0.45°
Finder: View angle=6.2°
Active power supply AC 100~230V 50/60Hz (Supplied by AC adaptor)
Power consumption 30W (Supplied by AC adaptor)
Tolerance temperature 0~50°C (Without dew drop)
Weight 1.4 Kg (Main unit only)

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