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Thiết bị đo độ ẩm QUANTUM MARINE Sovereign

Mã sản phẩm: QUANTUM MARINE Sovereign
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Thiết bị đo độ ẩm QUANTUM MARINE Sovereign

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Thông tin sản phẩm

Specifically designed for marine use and includes a self-calibration check facility. Both near surface and in depth readings can be compared and the moisture content displayed as a numerical readout from 1 – 100, or as % H2O WME (Wood Moisture Equivalent).

Surveyors can establish a datum reading and make comparative readings that display automatically above, or below, the selected datum, enabling large surface areas to be quickly assessed.

Proximity to Dew Point is automatically calculated and displayed.

Surface spot temperature readings may also be taken that automatically compare the spot temperature to the surrounding Dew Point temperature. This allows a check on conditions prior to commencing coating applications, or in eliminating spurious/misleading readings.

A bright traffic light series of LEDs display instant visual information and below this a numerical readout is available for recording specific readings.

Contained within the security case the unit sensor probe is permanently attached to the meter and there are no other costly auxiliary attachments required that can be mislaid or lost.

The unit is contained inside a high visibility Peli security case.

Size & Weight: 235 x 115 x 190mm, 1.2 Kg.

Batteries: Use 4 AA 1.5V

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