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Thiết bị kiểm tra rò rỉ nước Sebalog Corr Seba

Mã sản phẩm: Sebalog Corr
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Hãng SX: Seba
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Thiết bị kiểm tra rò rỉ nước
Model: Sebalog Corr
Hãng: Seba

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Sebalog Corr is the new generation of leak pinpointing. This hybrid form of a field correlator and a set of noise loggers combines the independent operation mode and the high number of the logger´s sensors with the correlator´s ability to calculate the exact distance to the leak using the sound it makes. This form of leak detection allows the user to locate even the most difficult leaks quickly and precisely, thus saving valuable time and money. The unique pinpointing feature enables the operator to confirm correlations directly on site. 

One of the most remarkable features of Sebalog Corr is the leak navigator. Just like a navigation system, the GPS-based leak navigator leads the user to the previously correlated leak position. During navigation, the position of the user is continuously displayed on the map so that he knows exactly in which direction he should go to reach the leak. 

Due to their small size, Sebalog Corr’s sensors fit even into the smallest valve chambers. The chamber lids can be closed during the measurement. Accident risks are thus eliminated, and measurements can be carried out with no additional protection for traffic or pedestrians.

Correlation with up to 8 sensors at the same time
GPS navigation directly to the leak
Radio communication to the sensors
No staff needed for night measurement
Sound velocity assistant (V-assistant)
Unique pinpointing mode

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